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Chair: Chi-Hung Hwang | ITRC, NARLabs Email
Vice-Chair: Gordon Shaw | U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Email
Secretary: Motoharu Fujigaki | University of Fukui Email





The Optical Methods Division (OMD) exists “to advance optical technology by providing a forum for the timely exchange of information” and “to promote the development of new applications of Optical Methods in mechanics by organizing symposia-type technical sessions”. Its international membership comes from universities, industries and government laboratories. The OMD promotes short courses during the Annual SEM Conference in topics such as Fiber Optics, Moiré Interferometry, Image Analysis and Applied Optics. It also sponsors technical sessions on topics relevant to the application of mature optical techniques, and on state-of-the-art and developing optical technologies of interest to the experimental mechanics community. Additionally, it attempts to identify future research directions and applications of optical methods and techniques relevant to experimental mechanics.


Optical Methods Division History and Purpose

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Optical Methods-Back to Basics
This current series provides a platform to convey an educationally focused coupling of textual learning with visual/illustrative learning of innovative optical measurement methods that range from the nature and description of light to phase shifting interferometries. The optical methods described within this series, in many cases, occur in nature but through creative adaptation they can be applied to offer physical solutions to the measurement of stress and strain in various materials and systems. The author of Optical Methods is Professor Gary Cloud of Michigan State University.


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