Students & Education
SEM encourages students to participate in the activities of the society. The student members of today are the future leaders of the society tomorrow. Here are some of the ways in which students may participate in the society as well as some of the areas of support for student activities.
Technical Divisions
Use these links to explore the technical direction of the SEM. Each of these groups interacts within the society to provide technical leadership in their specialty. The divisions also help program sessions at SEM Conferences, edit monographs, and provide education and training in the form of tutorials and courses held at the Annual conference and IMAC.
SEM has several active committees to further growth of our industry.
DIC Challenge
The purpose of the DIC challenge is to supply the image correlation community with a set of images for software testing and verification. This is to include both commercial codes and university codes. The use of a common image data set removes the experimental errors associated with multiple hardware setups created by a typical, specimen-based, round-robin style test. The DIC code itself is then isolated and more easily evaluated independent of other experimental considerations.