Fracture and Fatigue



Chair: Ryan Berke | Utah State University Email
Vice-Chair: Garrett Pataky | Clemson University Email
Secretary: Shelby Hutchens | University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Email




The mission of the Fracture and Fatigue Division is to advance the state of knowledge in the areas of fracture mechanics and fatigue through the timely sharing of research results. The division meets each year at the SEM Annual Conference. Every fourth year the SEM Annual Conference is also the SEM International Congress. (Other conferences are also sponsored by SEM). Our work on fracture and fatigue overlaps with the efforts of other divisions resulting in a cooperative effort between researchers from different areas of experimental mechanics.


The goal of the Fracture and Fatigue Division is to promote and support within SEM issues that deal not only with fracture and fatigue of materials, but also failure, damage evolution, novel materials and the influence of microstructure on failure phenomena. Activities include organizing sessions, symposia, short courses, and reports and publications on these topics.