SEM Fellow

2019 Fellow Awards

In recognition of distinguished contributions to the field of experimental mechanics, and service to that field through the Society.

Amos Gilat 

Amos Gilat received his Ph.D. in Engineering from Brown University in 1982. Currently, he is a professor of mechanical engineering at The Ohio State University (OSU).  He specializes in characterization of material properties (deformation and failure) over a wide range of strain rates and temperatures under various loading conditions, and the development of constitutive equations for plastic deformation and failure. Dr. Gilat is the director of the Dynamics Mechanics of Materials Laboratory at OSU. The Lab has unique testing capabilities utilized by many industries for the development and calibration of material models in numerical codes that are used in simulations and design. Dr. Gilat is the author of the textbook MATLAB, An Introduction with Applications, and a co-author of the textbook Numerical Methods for Engineers and Scientists, both published by Wiley.

Yu-Lung Lo

Yu-Lung Lo received his B.S. degree from National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Tainan, Taiwan, R.O.C., and his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park, USA. He has been a faculty member for the Mechanical Engineering Department, NCKU, since 1996, where he is now a distinguished professor. He was Director of Instrument Development Center and Chairman of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at NCKU.

Dr. Lo received the ASE Scholar in Research Excellence, Taiwan, 2017 and the Outstanding Award for Professor in Engineering, for the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineers in Taiwan, 2013. He also received Research Excellence in Institute of Engineering from NCKU in 2007, the First-Class Research Award from NSC in 2005/2006, A-Class Research Award by NCKU in 2006, and the Dr. Ta-You Wu Award for Young Researchers from NSC in 2002.

He was invited to be an invited speaker, keynote speaker, and plenary speaker in the optics related international conferences, and also organized and chaired sections of international conferences. He is now Chairman of the Asian Society of Experiment Mechanics (ASEM) and was General Chair of the International Symposium on Optomechatronic Technology (2017). His research interests include 3D printing, optomechatronics, experimental mechanics, optical fiber sensors, and biophotonics. He has authored over 150 journal publications and has filed for several patents. One of his articles was included in Spotlight on Optics by OSA in 2015.

Tusit Weerasooriya 

Tusit Weerasooriya is the leader of the Multi-Scale Mechanics in the Soldier Protection Sciences Branch of the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL).  He received his Ph.D. in Materials Engineering from Cambridge University as the Commonwealth Scholar and received his B.Sc. (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Sri Lanka.  Over the course of his professional career, Weerasooriya has investigated different topics in experimental mechanics at Cambridge University, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the U.S. Air Force Material Research Laboratory (AFMRL) through contracts, and presently at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL).  At Cambridge, Weerasooriya co-authored a seminal publication of fracture mechanism map concepts, using steel as examples. At AFMRL, he developed a mini-computer, and then microcomputer hardware and software systems for real time computer-controlled studies of creep-fatigue interaction of aircraft engine materials, resulting in new creep-fatigue crack growth mechanism map concepts.  After joining ARL in 1988, he started developing the Army’s high rate research capabilities.

Weerasooriya developed novel experimental methods to understand dynamic deformation and failure behavior with associated micro-mechanisms for different classes of materials relevant to the U.S. Army, such as metals, ceramics, polymers, micron-scale fibers and thin films, as a function of quantifiable microstructural details. Currently, he has been exploring the rate dependent response of complex biological materials, such as bone and brain materials, from cellular to tissue length scales. These research pursuits resulted in Weerasooriya collectively having authored and co-authored over 100 articles (58 peer-reviewed articles including ASTM-STP book chapters, over 35 government reports, over 75 conference proceeding papers, and a Metal Handbook Desk edition chapter) and receiving the Department of the Army R&D Achievement for Technical Excellence in 2013.  He is a founding member of the SEM Dynamic Behavior Materials track and regularly organizes and chairs numerous sessions at SEM.

Alan Zehnder

Alan Zehnder is a professor in mechanical and aerospace engineering at Cornell University.  His teaching interests are in engineering mechanics and mathematics. His research interests are in experimental mechanics of materials.  Zehnder earned his Ph.D. at Caltech and B.S. at Cal Berkeley, both in mechanical engineering. He has served in a number of academic leadership roles including Chair of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Director, Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Associate Dean for Diversity and Faculty Development in the College of Engineering.


Fellows List

Members who have been selected for Fellow grade since its inception.

Charles (Chuck) Farrar
Michel Grédiac
Francesco Lanza di Scalea
Carlos Ventura

Michael M. Lemcoe
Michael A. Sutton
Thomas W. Corby, Jr.

J.W. Dalley
R.H. Homewood
L.S. Srinath
D.J. DeMichele (1979-2000)
S.S. Redner
P.S. Theocaris (1979-1999)
Eric Brown
Jon Rogers
Daniel Inman

M. Ramulu
M.Y.Y. Hung
J.F. Kalthoff

J.W. Dally
A.E. Johnson
E.O. Stitz (1978-1997)
M. Holt (1978-1981)
D.E. Niles
W.F. Swinson
Janice Dulieu-Barton
K. Jane Grande-Allen
Xiaodong Li
Hongbing Lu

T. Kunio
S.P. Wnuk, Jr.
J.B. Ligon

G. Ellis (1977-1997)
C.C. Perry
W. Ramberg (1977-1985)
B.E. Rossi (1977-1986)
J.C. Telinde
A.S. Kobayashi
D. Post
W.F. Riley (1977-2000)
C.W. Smith
D.K. Wright (1977-1991)
Hugh Bruck
Wendy C. Crone
Peter G. Ifju
Ghatu Subhash

M. Nisida (1996-1999)
R. Prabhakaran

F.C. Bailey
S.S. Manson
R.E. Peterson (1976-1982)
P.K. Stein
C.E. Taylor
W.T. Bean
F.J. McCormick (1976-2000)
C.R. Smith (1976-1983)
F.B. Stern (1976-1992)
F. Zandman
Archie A.T. Andonian
Weinong (Wayne) Chen
David J. Ewins
Wolfgang Osten

I.M. Allison
G.E. Maddux

D.C. Drucker
M. Hentényi (1975-1984)
J.H. Meier
F.G. Tatnall (1975-1981)
A.J. Durelli (1975-2000)
M.M. Leven (1975-1979)
W.M. Murray (1975-1990)
T.J. Dolan (1975-1996)
K.T. Ramesh
John Lambros
David Brown
Fabrice Pierron
A. Shukla
J.L. Turner

E. O’Brien
N. Sottos
D. Rittel
J.A. Gilbert
T.C. Huang

J.L.F. Freire
S. Nemat-Nasser
C. Pappalettere
H.V. Tippur
W.N. Sharpe, Jr.
S.E. Swartz

R.J. Allemang
Y. Morimoto
J. Lu
G. Ravichandran
J.F. Bell (1988-1995)
K.A. Stetson
J. Der Hovanesian

I. Emri
H.D. Espinosa
A. Rosakis

N.J. Hoff (1987-1997)
M.L. Williams, Jr.
W.G. Knauss
C. Lipson (1987-1990)
E.A. Patterson
S.C. “Max” Yen

K.H. Laermann
R.D. Mindlin (1986-1988)
R. Mark
J.T. Pindera
B. Han
K.P. Chong

C.P. Burger
K.G. McConnell
G.R. Irwin (1985-1998)
W.F. Ranson
M. Tuttle
W.C. Wang

C.W. Bert
M.E. Fourney
H.F. Brinson
S.K. Foss
E.E. Gdoutos

F.P. Chiang
W.L. Fourney
T.D. Dudderar
D.R. Harting (1983-1996)
C.T. Liu
M. Takashi
K.M. Liechti

E.E. Day
R.E. Rowlands
E.I. Riegner
C.A. Sciammarella
R. Chona
A. Lagarde

I.M. Daniel
V.J. Parks
J. Dorsey
C.E. Work
G.L. Cloud
J.F. Doyle
R.J. Pryputniewicz

P.H. Adams
L.J. Weymouth (1980-1983)
R.J. Sanford
W.C. Young
K. Ravi-Chandar
J. McKelvie
Y.J. Chao