G. L. Cloud Scholarship

University Distinguished Professor Gary L. Cloud is a recognized leader in the field of experimental mechanics. Professor Cloud’s research interests involve bringing together optical and electronic techniques to solve interesting problems in geomechanics, biomechanics, composites, fracture mechanics, fastening, and nondestructive evaluation. His book, Optical Methods of Engineering Analysis was published by Cambridge University Press in 1995 and is now revised and in its second printing (1998).

Reference contributions include chapters in the Handbook of Experimental Mechanics (2008) and the Marks Mechanical Engineering Handbook (2007). He has delivered many oral presentations to technical and lay groups. More than 50 research contracts have been completed under his direction. Dr. Cloud has served as a consultant to approximately 60 firms and agencies in product design, measurements, and liability. He holds 2 patents and has another patent application in process with specialties in the area of Optical Metrology. He was elected as SEM Fellow in 2001, and has made a significant contribution to SEM through his Back to Basics – Optical Methods series published in Experimental Techniques.

The purpose of this award is to celebrate professor Cloud’s many years of contributions to the field of experimental mechanics by recognizing a unique individual and his/her aspirations to pursue a graduate degree in experimental mechanics and to create new knowledge that leads to sustainable improvements in the human condition.

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2022 Recipient

Archana Lamsal
Archana Lamsal is a Mechanical Engineering PhD candidate at Michigan State University. She studies the kinetics and kinematics of the human body as it relates to wheelchair seating and office seating. Her current goal is to determine the frictional behavior between various pant fabrics and seat covers. This information is critical for reducing pressure injury formation which is a debilitating injury that occurs in wheelchair users. Prior to this, she investigated the biomechanics of office seating, with a particular focus on a "perched" working position.

The Society acknowledges the following individuals who were given the G. L. Cloud Scholarship in the past.
2020 - Carter Barkley 2018 - Kimberley Mac Donald 2016 - Xueju Wang
2014 - Matt Hudspeth