G. A. Brewer

In memory of Given A. Brewer, Teledyne Engineering Services, Waltham, Massachuetts, established the Brewer Teledyne Award in 1989 (now called Brewer Award).

Mr. Brewer created Brewer Engineering Laboratories. As its director, Mr. Brewer carried out over 700 projects using experimental and theoretical techniques. His business was later sold to Teledyne and he became a consultant to the company. Mr. Brewer was a valued member of SEM and was active in both leadership and technical activities. The annual award will consist of an award plaque in the recipient’s name.

The criteria for the award stipulates that it be given to “an outstanding practicing experimentalist” chosen by the Honors Committee. The award is intended as recognition of skill in the practical application of experimental mechanics techniques. A person whose primary affiliation is with a university would be eligible if substantial amounts of consulting work involved hands-on experimental analysis. The first Brewer-Teledyne award was presented in June, 1989 to (Mrs.) Heidi Brewer in her husband’s memory.

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2024 Recipient

Picture of Frank W. DelRio

For outstanding and sustained research on the Virtual Fields Method.

Fabrice Pierron
Dr Fabrice Pierron has been a Professor of Solid Mechanics at the University of Southampton since 2012. He is a specialist in the integration of image-based deformation mapping (like digital image correlation) with inverse identification (like the Virtual Fields Method) to design the next generation of mechanical tests. He has published more than 150 journal articles. He was Editor-in-Chief of the journal Strain (Wiley) for ten years and is a co-founder of the company MatchID NV (Ghent, Belgium), for which he now also works as R&D Director since 2021. Prof. Pierron is a Fellow of the Society for Experimental Mechanics (SEM).

The Society acknowledges the following individuals who were given the G. A. Brewer Award in the past.
2023 - Frank W. DelRio 2022 - Michael Hill 2021 - Jennifer Jordan
2020 - Daniel Casem 2019 - John Considine 2018 - Gary Foss
2017 - Charles Farrar 2015 - Phillip Reu 2014 - Randall Mayes
2012 - Hubert W. Schreier 2010 - Richard Mark French 2009 - C.T. Wu
2008 - Edwin O’Brien 2006 - Richard L. Burguete 2005 - Ron Slaminko
2004 - James L. Turner 2003 - Kenneth G. McConnell 2002 - Arkady Voloshin
2001 - Bongtae Han 2000 - Bradley Boyce 1999 - Susan K. Foss
1998 - Robert C. Schwarz 1997 - David W. Windstein 1996 - Jonathan S. Epstein
1995 - Gene E. Maddux 1994 - A. Umit Kutsay 1993 - Stephen Wnuk
1992 - Jan Cernosek 1991 - Ferdi B. Stern 1990 - Burke C. Dykes
1989 - Heidi Brewer