SEM Education Foundation

About the Foundation
A primary responsibility of the SEM Education Foundation is to provide financial support for a variety of educational activities important to the development of the field of experimental mechanics. Because the SEMEF’s resources are limited, it is imperative that funds be used as efficiently as possible. Regional graduate student conferences generally benefit a large number of students for a reasonable cost, and are looked upon favorably by the SEMEF. Universities located near each other are encouraged to organize graduate conferences and to apply to the SEMEF for partial sponsorship. These conferences emphasize graduate students, but advanced undergraduates are also usually invited to participate.
Proposal Guidelines
Evaluation Criteria
Proposals will be evaluated by the number of students benefited, and clarity of presentation. Requests for SEMEF funds for activities other than Graduate Student Conferences need not follow this format. However, they should be submitted before the Nov. 1st or May 15th deadlines so that they can be acted upon promptly.

All Proposals will include each item in the list below
  • Approximate dates of the activities
  • An outline of the proposed program
  • Statement about the impact of the activity on SEMEF’s goals
  • A budget, including the amount requested from SEMEF
  • Plans for a follow-up report

The SEMEF will endeavor to provide matching funds for up to a maximum of $1,000 per event
Funding may include Meals (breakfast, lunches, and dinners), coffee breaks, other (TBD)
The SEMEF will NOT provide or match funds for
  • Charges for the use of university classrooms or meeting rooms
  • Funds for prizes at graduate symposia. (Where cooperation and friendship are the key words, and not competition. The SEMEF does provide funds for prizes at the Annual Student Paper Competition sponsored by the SEM Education Committee at the annual spring meeting.)

Send Proposals or request information
SEMEF, c/o Executive Director,
7 School Street, Bethel, CT 06801, (203) 790-6373 (phone) (203) 790-4472 ( fax)

SEM Education Foundation (SEMEF)
Pete Ifju, Chair (2016-2018)
William Fourney, Vice-Chair (2016-2018)
Jon Rogers, Treasurer (2016-2018)
Michael Sutton, Secretary (2016-2018)