Maarten van der Seijs

During my studies Mechanical Engineering at TU Delft (2005-2011) I was greatly inspired by Prof. Daniel Rixen and Dennis De Klerk to pursue a career in structural dynamics. I started my PhD in 2011, as a collaboration project between TU Delft, TU M√ľnchen and BMW Group, and have been visiting IMAC conferences since 2012. During that time, I have specialized in Experimental Dynamic Substructuring and Transfer Path Analysis, with application in automotive noise and vibration engineering.

Along with receiving my PhD in 2016, I co-founded, a Dutch start-up company with a mission to bring these methods into industry. As VIBES has grown into a softwarefocused company and a breeding ground for innovation, I find that our research interests align well with the activities of SEM. In my role as head of software and technology, I have a strong interest in bringing researchers and industrial parties closer together and make sure that promising substructuring and TPA technology finds its way into standard R&D processes.


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Last Updated: 06/14/2023