Dynamics of Civil Structures



Chair: Matthew Whelan | University of North Carolina-Charlotte Email
Vice-Chair: P. Scott Harvey | University of Oklahoma Email
Secretary: Fernando Moreu | University of New Mexico Email


The purpose of the Dynamics of Civil Structures is to provide technical benefit to its members by:


  • Providing a unique multidisciplinary forum to disseminate and exchange information on new research and technical developments in the testing, identification, and assessment of civil and similar large in-situ structural systems using measured properties and response features.
  • Enhancing research, technical developments, and standard practices in civil structures testing through the identification of critical research needs and the validation and dissemination of emerging methods and promising technologies that address the unique features of the civil structures test environment.
  • Promoting and/or organizing special sessions, symposia, short courses, workshops, manuals or monographs that respond to identified needs of the TD member community and facilitate transfer of developed technologies and methods to the larger professional community.
  • Interacting, assisting and cooperating with other committees, societies, associations or organizations by serving as a focal point on civil structures testing, identification, and assessment.
  • Planning and coordinating, in cooperation with others, civil structures activities of the Society.

2022 Paper Title:  A Framework for Developing Efficient Vehicle-Bridge Interaction Models within a Commercial Finite Element Software
Author(s):  Omar Abuodeh, Clemson University; Laura Redmond, Clemson University
Presented at:  IMAC-XL, Orlando, FL
2021 (tie) Paper Title:  Physics-Guided Sparse Coding for Multiple Occupant Identification Using Floor Vibration Sensing
Author(s):  Jonathon Fagert, Carnegie Mellon University; Mostafa Mirshekari, Stanford University; Pei Zhang, Carnegie Mellon University; Haeyoung Noh, Stanford University
Presented at:  IMAC-XXXIX, Virtual
2021 (tie) Paper Title:  Transfer Learning from Audio Domains a Valuable Tool for Structural Health Monitoring
Author(s):  Eleonora Maria Tronci, Columbia University; Homayoon Beigi, Recognition Technologies, Inc.; Maria Feng, Columbia University; Raimondo Betti, Columbia University
Presented at:  IMAC-XXXIX, Virtual
2021 (tie) Paper Title:  Exploring the Feasibility of Drive-by Health Monitoring on Short Span Bridges Using OMA Techniques
Author(s):  William Locke, Clemson; Laura Redmond, Clemson; Matthias Schmid, Clemson
Presented at:  IMAC-XXXIX, Virtual


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