Biological Systems and Materials



Christian Franck
Brown University

Karen Kasza
Columbia University

Jon Estrada
University of Michigan





The purpose of the Technical Division on Biological Systems and Materials is to provide technical benefit to its members by:


  • Providing a forum for exchange of information on mechanics of biological materials
  • Advancing biotechnology through timely exchange and dissemination of information
  • Planning and coordinating, in cooperation with others, the biomechanics activities of the Society
  • Providing improved technical interaction between materials scientists, biologists, and engineers
  • Promoting and/or organizing special sessions, symposia, short courses, workshops, manuals or monographs
  • Interacting, assisting and cooperating with other committees, societies, associations or organizations on the topic of biomechanics


International Symposium on the Mechanics of Biological Systems and Materials

This symposium is motivated by the need for cross talk between experimental mechanics, materials science, biology, and medicine. The symposium fosters the exchange of ideas and information among scientists and engineers involved in the research and analysis of how mechanical loads interact with the structure, properties, and function of living matter and their constituents. The scope includes experimental, imaging, numerical and mathematical techniques and tools spanning various length and time scales which provide insight into biological systems and materials. This year’s symposium includes the following planned sessions:


  • Cell Mechanics and Mechanobiology
  • Biomimetic and Surrogate Materials
  • Force Generation in Biological Machinery
  • Multiscale Tissue Mechanics
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • DIC in Biomaterials NEW!
  • Biomechanics in Sports Science NEW!
  • Time Dependent Behavior of Soft and/or Living Materials NEW!