Additive and Advanced Manufacturing



Chair: Emily Retzlaff | United States Naval Academy Email
Vice-Chair: Piyush Thakre | Dow Inc. Email
Secretary: Nha Uyen Huynh | Sandia National Laboratories Email


The purpose of the Technical Division on Additive and Advanced Manufacturing is to provide technical benefit to its members by:


  • Providing a forum or exchange of information on additive manufacturing, advanced manufacturing, and the mechanics of the resultant materials and structures.
  • Promoting additive and advanced manufacturing technology through timely exchange and dissemination of information.
  • Planning and coordinating, in cooperation with others, the additive and advanced manufacturing activities of the Society.
  • Providing improved technical interaction between scientists, engineers, manufacturers, and users of additive and advanced manufacturing and of the resultant materials and structures.
  • Promoting and/or organizing special sessions, symposia, short courses, workshops, manuals or monographs.
  • Interacting, assisting, and cooperating with other committees, societies, associations, or organizations on the topic of additive and advanced manufacturing.