Student Membership

Students are encouraged to join SEM as full members of the Society but with significantly reduced rates for: Membership in the Society, Conference Registration, and Short Course Registration. Student members are encouraged to get involved in the workings of the Society and the many Technical Divisions. For a more complete description of special opportunities available to students, click here.

Student chapters give students a chance to meet with their peers and discuss research interests and job opportunities. Also, many student chapters hold student symposia and other such events that give students a chance to build their presentation skills. These local events can lead to the national student paper competition held each year in conjunction with the SEM Annual Conference.

SEM conferences are a great chance for students to meet and talk to experts from all over the world. Where else can you have the opportunity to meet the people who write the textbooks used in your courses? The membership of SEM is friendly and more than willing to answer questions and discuss topics of interest. SEM sponsors the SEM Annual Conference in June, and IMAC in February. IMAC is a conference devoted to Structural Dynamics while the SEM Annual Conference is concerned with Experimental and Applied Mechanics.

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