SEM Fellow Nomination Form

All nominations must have 2 completed references.  Download reference forms here.

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SEM FellowHonors Committee


Candidate Section 1 - Primary Information
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Candidate Section 2 - Qualifications
Outstanding Engineering and Professional Accomplishments Meriting Election to SEM Fellow: (give specific examples, preferably relating to experimental mechanics)

Principal SEM Activities, as well as Activities in Other Technical Societies and Noteworthy Accomplishments in Engineering, Research and/or Teaching: (Boards, committees, offices, editorships, and other professional/educational activities such as journal reviewer, etc.)

Professional Recognition: (Honors, Awards, Prizes, etc.)

Proposed Citation: (not more than 35 carefully chosen words that reflect specific contributions by the nominee)


Candidate Section 3 - References

List the Names of 2 References: (Those providing references should be SEM Fellows. If references from two SEM Fellows are not readily obtainable, references from SEM members who have been members for 10 or more years may be submitted instead.)
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