Vibration, Noise & Shock

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    50 Years of Shock and Vibration Technology


    Prepared for the 50th Anniversary of the Shock and Vibration Symposium, this volume describes 50 years of shock and vibration technology as described by representatives of the organizations most directly involved. Each chapter contains a history of shock and vibration activity for the organization involved and includes an excellent bibliography.

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    Construction Vibrations

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    This comprehensive text covers the entire field of construction-induced vibrations, including the latest advances in earthquake engineering and nuclear blast protective design as well as construction and mine blasting. Frequency of vibration and strain form the foundation for the presentation of the material. The book also defines the major regulatory issues faced by those responsible for producing construction vibrations.

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    Engineering Vibration

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    This book is for use as a first course in vibration for undergraduates in mechanical engineering, civil engineering or mechanics at the junior or senior level, or as self study. Serving as both a text and reference manual, this book connects traditional design-oriented topics, the introduction of modal analysis, and the use of MATLAB.

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    Machinery Vibration Measurement and Analysis

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    Presents, in a single source, a practical, “hands-on' approach to vibration analysis and measurement, field balancing and shaft alignment, and how to understand and solve typical vibration problems. It covers balancing, resonance, gears and bearings, structural vibration, isolation, alignment, instruments, diagnostics, and trending. Includes extensive coverage of the FFT spectrum analyzer as well as numerous “fixes' to help solve immediate vibration problems. Presents principles applicable to all mechanical equipment as well as many case histories covering various mechanical devices such as fans, common motors, and pumps.

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    Noise and Vibration Analysis: Signal Analysis and Experimental Procedures

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    Noise and Vibration Analysis is a complete and practical guide that combines both signal processing and modal analysis theory with their practical application in noise and vibration analysis. It provides an invaluable, integrated guide for practicing engineers as well as a suitable introduction for students new to the topic of noise and vibration. Taking a practical learning approach, Brandt includes exercises that allow the content to be developed in an academic course framework or as supplementary material for private and further study

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    Pioneers of Shock and Vibration


    This special publication examines the lives and professional contributions of a group of distinguished pioneers in the field of dynamic environmental testing. The gentlemen presented made many outstanding contributions to the profession and have dedicated most of their lives to the advancement of the science.

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    Principles and Techniques of Shock Data Analysis


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    Principles of Vibration

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    PRINCIPLES OF VIBRATION covers the standard principles of vibration for mechanical and civil engineering. This second edition includes more exercises and examples plus a unique chapter on real-life approaches to vibration problems

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    Random Vibrations: Theory and Practice

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    Designed for graduate students and for mechanical, structural and aerospace engineers, RANDOM VIBRATIONS: THEORY AND PRACTICE encompasses all the key topics, including fundamental background material, random vibration development with applications to design, and random signal analysis. The broad scope of this text makes it useful both as a clear and thorough introduction to the field and as an authoritative reference for practitioners who wish to investigate special topics.

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    Shock and Vibration Handbook

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    Over the past 35 years, aeronautical, acoustical, civil, electrical, mechanical and plant engineers, product designers and students have relied on this popular handbook for information on shock and vibration

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    Theory of Vibration with Applications

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    Widely acclaimed for its clear presentation of introductory material, this best-selling volume provides a thorough treatment of vibration theory and its engineering applications. The authors incorporate modern techniques of matrix theory and computer methods, and focuses on the physical aspect of the mathematical concepts needed to describe vibration phenomena.

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    Vibration Damping

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    Solve vibration and noise problems in a wide variety of industrial structures and machines. Pioneers in vibration engineering focus on the viscoelastic damping behavior of polymeric, elastomeric, and glassy materials. Their systematic analysis of dynamic damping material behavior allows you to make rapid, knowledgeable decisions in vibration control. You will gain a firm understanding of material properties, the dynamic response of structures and step-by-step design procedures and much more.

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    Vibration Testing: Theory and Practice

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    This is a complete reference covering the major topics of vibration testing which is done throughout industry. The book covers testing techniques applicable to small scale machines at the laboratory level through large industrial machinery. Contents Include: