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    Analysis and Behavior of Structures

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    Offering students a sound presentation of classical structural analysis, this new text emphasizes the assumptions and limitations required in creating mathematical models for analysis, including those used in computer programs. Students are encouraged to use hand methods of analysis to develop an intuitive feel for the behavior of structures. These methods are built upon and extended, making them valuable resources for the evaluation of results obtained by commercial computer programs. The text provides an optional, integrated introduction to mathematical models of nonlinear material behavior and geometric nonlinearity. It also discusses computer programs that can perform these types of analysis. Throughout, the text carefully discusses differences between linear and nonlinear problems and the necessary modifications of analysis that are applied to nonlinear problems.

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    Design of Seismic Isolated Structures: From Theory to Practice

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    Based on the concept of reducing seismic demand rather than increasing the earthquake resistance capacity of structures, seismic isolation is a surprisingly simple approach to earthquake protection. However, proper application of this technology within complex seismic design code requirements is both complicated and difficult.

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    Engineering the Guitar Theory and Practice

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    Engineering the Guitar: Theory and Practice uniquely describes the mechanics of the guitar for engineers and craftsmen alike. Complete with informative illustrations, this popular musical volume describes the underlying mechanical concepts behind the guitar, supported by theory and test. A detailed description of guitar electronics, paired with an in-depth analysis of sound quality, appeals to scientific audiences as well as musicians technically apt. Readers will gain an understanding of the technical behavior of the instrument with respect to structural and component dynamics, in addition to the informative treatment of analytical models. Hand made and mass produced techniques are also examined in a chapter devoted to manufacturing processes.

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    Fragmentation by Blasting

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    This publication is comprised mostly of papers presented at National SES (now SEM) meetings sponsored by the fragmentation subcommittee of the Fracture Technical Activity Committee. A listing of those papers presented at three such meetings is given below.

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    Smart Structures

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    Smart structures and structural components have unusual abilities: they can sense a change in temperature, pressure, or strain; diagnose a problem; and initiate an appropriate action in order to preserve structural integrity and continue to perform their intended functions. Smart structures can also store processes in memory and learn to repeat the actions taken. Among the many applications are aircraft sensors that warn of impending cracks and medical devices that monitor blood sugar and deliver insulin. This text provides the basic information needed to analyze and design smart devices and structures. Among topics covered are piezoelectric crystals, shape memory alloys, electrorheological fluids, vibration absorbers, fiber optics, and mistuning. A final chapter offers an intriguing view of biomimetics and design strategies that can be incorporated at the microstructural level deriving inspiration from biological structures. The design of smart structures is at the cutting edge of engineering research and development, and there is a great need for an introductory book on the subject. This book will be welcomed by both students and practising engineers.

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    Structural Modeling and Analysis

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    The Study of structural analysis and design is a central subject in civil, aeronautical, and mechanical engineering. This book presents a modern and unified introduction to structural analysis, with a strong emphasis on how structures actually behave. The unifying theme is the application of energy methods, developed without the formal mathematics of the calculus of variations. The text includes numerous worked examples.

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    Structural Modeling and Experimental Techniques

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    Structural Modeling and Experimental Techniques presents a current treatment of structural modeling for applications in design, research, education, and product development. Providing numerous case studies throughout, the book emphasizes modeling the behavior of reinforced and prestressed concrete and masonry structures.