Mathematical Analysis

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    Practical Inverse Analysis in Engineering

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    This text presents practical mathematical tools for bridging the gap between real-world measurements and mathematical models. The book demonstrates how to treat “ill-conditioned” inverse analysis problems with the powerful theory of dynamic programming. It also describes generalized-cross-validation as a useful partner in handling real data. Includes a disk containing DYNAVAL programming software enables the applications of the methods presented.

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    Time-Frequency Analysis

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    Time-varying spectra are common in engineering, geophysics, biology, physics, and other fields. This book brings together the methods that have been developed to study time-varying spectra and presents in simple language the physical and mathematical ideas, their origin and motivation, and the challenges of the field. It is aimed at engineers, scientists and mathematicians who are interested in the application of these methods and in the fundamental results and issues.

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    Wave Propagation in Structures: Spectral Analysis Using Fast Discrete Fourier Transforms

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    This book introduces spectral analysis as a means of investigating wave propagation and transient vibrations in structures. After developing the foundations of spectral analysis and the FFT (fast fourier transform) algorithm, the book provides a thorough treatment of waves in rods, beams, and plates, and introduces a powerful matrix method for analyzing complex structures as a collection of connected waveguides. The presentation includes an introduction to higher-order structural theories, the results of many experimental studies, and practical applications. Pertinent problems after each chapter and an extensive bibliography form the basis for further study.