Experimental & Solid Mechanics

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    Dynamic Failure of Materials and Structures

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    Dynamic Failure of Materials and Structures discusses the topic of dynamic loadings and their effect on material and structural failure. Since dynamic loading problems are very difficult as compared to their static counterpart, very little information is currently available about dynamic behavior of materials and structures.

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    Elasticity in Engineering Mechanics, 3rd Edition

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    The proposed is an updated edition of a book that presents a classic approach to engineering elasticity. Lead author Art Boresi is considered one of the best authors in engineering mechanics alive today and has a number of well respected books to his credit.

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    Experimental Mechanics of Solids

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    Experimental solid mechanics is the study of materials to determine their physical properties. This study might include performing a stress analysis or measuring the extent of displacement, shape, strain and stress which a material suffers under controlled conditions. In the last few years there have been remarkable developments in experimental techniques that measure shape, displacement and strains and these sorts of experiments are increasingly conducted using computational techniques.

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    Experimental Solid Mechanics

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    Experimental Solid Mechanics has evolved from the 4th edition of Experimental Stress Analysis. The title change reflects the fact that the field today is much broader than it was in 1965 when the first edition of Experimental Stress Analysis was published. Experimental Solid Mechanics describes methods used to measure forces, pressure, displacements, stresses, strains and fracture mechanics parameters. Measurements described include electrical and optical methods. The text is intended for upper-division undergraduate students or graduate students beginning to study experimental methods. Extensive revisions have been incorporated, which reflects many of the changes in experimental mechanics that have occurred during the past decade. A significant amount of new content has been added by expanding existing chapters and by introducing new chapters. Some material covering outdated methods have been removed.

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    Experimentation, Validation, and Uncertainty Analysis for Engineers, 3rd Edition

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    This Third Edition helps you assess and manage uncertainty at all stages of experimentation and validation of simulations In this greatly expanded Third Edition, the acclaimed Experimentation, Validation, and Uncertainty Analysis for Engineers guides readers through the concepts of experimental uncertainty analysis and the applications in validating models and simulations, solving problems experimentally, and characterizing the behavior of systems. This Third Edition presents the current, internationally accepted methodology from ISO, ANSI, and ASME standards to cover the planning, design, debugging, and execution phases of experiments. C

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    Handbook on Experimental Mechanics

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    This revised and updated edition of the classic HANDBOOK ON EXPERIMENTAL MECHANICS documents traditional methods as well as new principles involved in stress analysis of materials.

    Contents include: High-Temperature Strain/Displacement Measurement Mechanics Responses of Materials Strain Gages Thermoelastic Stress Analysis Photoelasticity Experimental Modal Analysis Moiré Interferometry Residual Stresses Brittle Coating Composite Materials Nondestructive Evaluation Experimental Fracture Mechanics

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    Mechanical Design of Electronic Systems

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    This book has been written for engineers to serve as a first text on the packaging of electronic systems. The material has been written for an engineering student or for a practicing professional working as a mechanical or electrical engineer with a company producing electronic products or systems. The engineering student should have completed fundamental courses in the engineering sciences, thermal sciences and materials as more concerned with the technical details of the design rather than the business strategy of a product line.

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    Numerical Methods for Experimental Mechanics

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    NUMERICAL METHODS FOR EXPERIMENTAL MECHANICS is a resource for engineering mechanics researchers to enable them to understand and to obtain a working familiarity with important numerical methods particularly useful in the field. The book is organized to permit readers to study the methods and to observe their application in experimental problems. It also enables readers to directly apply the methods to the same problems or to similar problems of their choosing. To this end, computer programs are available, together with data for easy application. Program listings are given in the appendix.

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    Principles of Solid Mechanics

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    This book is presented to help lead you in the exciting discovery of the unifying field theories of elasticity and plasticity. It's intention is to concentrate on fundamental concepts, basic applications, inverse strategies for optimum design in the hope that the continued fascination with subject is made contagious. A valuable tool for both student and teacher in this area of applied science. This book has evolved from over 30 years of teaching a core course on the application of the full-range field theory of deformable solids for analysis and design.

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    Springer Handbook of Experimental Solid Mechanics

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    As a reference book, the Springer Handbook provides a comprehensive exposition of the techniques and tools of experimental mechanics. An informative introduction to each topic is provided, which advises the reader on suitable techniques for practical applications.

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    Stability and Nonlinear Solid Mechanics

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    This proposes to the reader not only a unified presentation of nonlinear problems in Solid Mechanics, but also a complete and unitary analysis on stability and bifurcation problems arising within this framework.

    Themes include: Elasticity and plasticity problems in small and finite deformation General concepts of stability and bifurcation and basic results Elastic bukling Plastic buckling of structures Standard dissipative systems obeying maximum dissipation

    These themes are developed in 20 chapters and illustrated by various analytical and numerical results.