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The Society for Experimental Mechanics was founded in 1943 as a nonprofit scientific and educational organization. Since it’s inception, SEM has made a special effort to live up to its goal to be the “friendly society.”  The mission of SEM is:

The Society for Experimental Mechanics is composed of international members from academia, government, and industry who are committed to interdisciplinary application, research and development, education, and active promotion of experimental methods to: (a) increase the knowledge of physical phenomena; (b) further the understanding of the behavior of materials, structures and systems; and (c) provide the necessary physical basis and verification for analytical and computational approaches to the development of engineering solutions.

The members of SEM encompass a unique group of experimentalists, development engineers, design engineers, test engineers and technicians, students, and research and development scientists from industry and educational institutions.

Membership in SEM is open to any individual who supports the mission of the society.  SEM especially encourages students to join the society.  In addition to the regular benefits of membership, at a considerably reduced cost, students have unique opportunities to participate in activities specifically designed for their benefit.

Membership in SEM offers, as a primary benefit, the opportunity to interact with scientists from around the world who are working in the many areas of interest covered by the broad umbrella of Experimental Mechanics.  While international in scope, SEM is small enough to provide a forum for easy communication between members.  For many members, SEM conferences offer a singular opportunity to discuss their work with other experimentalists in their area of interest.  Such interactions are facilitated by the Technical Divisions of the society.

SEM Members receive:

  • Experimental Techniques– A bimonthly journal focused on the “techniques” utilized in experimental mechanics.  ET includes Society news, peer-reviewed technical articles and notes, new product information and much more. Members receive free electronic access to ET via the SEM website,  Members may also elect to receive printed copies of ET at a considerably reduced price.
  • Experimental Mechanics– A peer-reviewed bimonthly journal concentrating on advanced research and development.  EM is the archival publication of the Society and is recognized as one of the major journals in engineering mechanics.  Members receive free electronic access to EM via the SEM website,  Members may also elect to receive printed copies of EM at a considerably reduced price.
  • Free electronic access to the current annual issue of the following Springer journals via the SEM website,
    • International Applied Mechanics
    • Mechanics of Time-Dependent Materials
    • Applied Composite Materials
    • International Journal of Fracture
    • Biomechanical and Modeling in Mechanobiology
    • Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics
    • Journal of Materials Science
    • Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation
    • Mechanics and Materials in Design
    • Archive of Applied Mechanics
    • Dynamics and Control
    • Journal of Elasticity
    • Nonlinear Dynamics
    • Advanced Performance Materials
    • Computational Mechanics – Solids, Fluids
    • Experiments in Fluiids
    • Acta Mechanica Sinica
  • Membership in one or more Technical Divisions
  • Discounted member pricing for SEM conferences
  • Discounted member pricing on all books published by SEM
  • 25% Discount on all books published by Springer
  • Special Joint Membership pricing for SEM Members who join ASME or BSSM.  SEM Members enjoy substantial savings on membership dues to these organizations.  Membership in BSSM includes a subscription to the journal Strain.  For more details about the benefits that each of these organizations offer their members please visit their websites at: or
  • Special individual pricing for SEM Members for the following journals:
    • Journal of Vibration and Control
    • Mechanics of Time-Dependent Materials
    • Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing

SEM Corporate Members

The Society for Experimental Mechanics is fortunate to receive the support of major industries, universities and government agencies throughout the world who participate in its Corporate Membership program.  SEM Corporate Members realize the importance of having employees supplied with current experimental mechanics data. Through their financial support they also assure that a forum for the exchange of vital technological information continues, as it has in SEM since 1943.