Hongbing Lu

University of Texas at Dallas

SEM Awards: B. J. Lazan

Dr. Hongbing Lu is a mechanical engineering professor and the Louis A. Beecherl Jr. Chair affiliated with materials science and engineering, and chemistry at University of Texas at Dallas. He specializes in the mechanics of time-dependent materials. He has made theoretical and experimental contributions to viscoelastic nanoindentation to determine the viscoelastic properties at nanoscale. He has developed an accelerated life testing technique widely used for the design and reliability testing for cardiac rhythm management devices. He has invented a slitting technique for converting an aluminum web into narrower sheets when the two rotary slitting blades form a cant angle to generate a local tension to provide clean shearing while significantly extending the blade life; the technique has been widely used in aluminum industry. He has invented porous nanostructured materials (aerogels) for drastic noise attenuation, mitigating shock wave, and acceleration reduction under impact. Dr. Lu received his PhD in aeronautics from Caltech in 1997, his MS degree in engineering mechanics from Tsinghua University, and his BS degree in Solid Mechanics from Huazhong University of Science & Technology. He has published 150 journal articles, written 6 book chapters, and received five US patents. He is a fellow of SEM and ASME. He is editor-in-chief of Mechanics of Time-Dependent Materials, and an associate technical editor of Experimental Mechanics.


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Last Updated: 12/05/2023