Arto Lehtovaara

Tampere University, Finland (retired)

SEM Awards: D. R. Harting

Arto Lehtovaara, Dr. Tech., is Emeritus Professor at the Tampere University, Finland (retired in 2022). He led the Tribology and Machine Elements research group and provided corresponding education in the faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences. He has published more than 80 peer-reviewed scientific papers mainly in the areas of fretting wear and fatigue occurring in combustion engines and lubricated gear and bearing contacts; the application areas include mineral crushers and gear drives in wind turbines and marine applications. He was a long-term member of the Nordic advisory board on the NORDTRIB symposium series and holds a status of honor member at Finnish Society for Tribology. He had six-year experience in the industry before the academic position, which gave a basis on active R&D related industrial co-operation.


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Last Updated: 05/14/2024