Mid-Level Mechanical Engineer / Senior General Engineer

Job Description:

We will be accepting candidate submissions from 6 Dec 2023 to 19 Dec 2023. Include all APDP Acquisition Certification(s) in the resume. Provide transcripts with submission, if you are a current government employee, include the most recent SF 50. If transcripts/SF 50 are not included, you may not be found qualified. The AFRL Munitions Directorate seeks to hire a DR-0830-02 (Mechanical Engineer) or DR-0830-03 (Senior Mechanical Engineer) lateral reassignment, not for promotion in the Science and Technology Division (RWT) at Eglin AFB in Valparaiso, Florida. A candidate must have experience with engineering and/or managing technical efforts related to mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science and engineering or related fields.

A good candidate will have experience working in a branch (e.g., second-tier work center) and/or division (e.g., third-level work center) in or with a Department of the Executive Branch (e.g., DoD, DoE, OSTP, national labs, etc.). A good candidate also will have worked in a munition sensor research-, development- and testing-related environment.

A strong candidate will have experience leading science and technology, conducting research and development, and/or managing technical programs in physics-based simulation and analysis, modeling energetic materials and/or mechanics of materials. Previous experience with these technical areas working in an R&D laboratory leading basic to advanced technology development would be ideal. The strong candidate will also have experience managing multi-agency collaborations and a portfolio of funding from internal and external sources to drive success and innovation in these technical areas. Experience with aligning technical development of technologies in these areas for the overall organization’s priorities would be ideal.

An excellent candidate will have experience leading science and technology, conducting research and development and managing technical programs with energetic materials and mechanics of materials. An excellent candidate will also have experience in high strain rate testing, dynamic (tension and compression) testing as well as quasistatic (Triaxial-confined) testing. The excellent candidate will also have experience advising their senior leadership and addressing strategic technology solutions at the national/international level related to these technical areas.



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Air Force Research Laboratory, Eglin AFB, FL


Full-time, onsite

This listing will be removed on February 1, 2024.