Call for Papers: Computer Vision, Laser Vibrometry, and DIC

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Rosen Plaza Hotel, Orlando, FL  |  February 10-13, 2025

June 19

These sessions aim to share knowledge on advances in computer vision, digital image correlation (DIC), laser vibrometry, image processing, and other optical measurement techniques that are applied to vibrations, structural dynamics, structural health monitoring, and dynamic measurement.

When you submit your abstract, please select Computer Vision and Laser Vibrometry Track and add the organizer’s name to have the paper programmed in these sessions.

Sessions Organizers
Motion Magnification Daniel Rohe
Optical Systems for SHM, NDI, and Civil Engineering Tengjiao Jiang/ Alessandro Sabato
EMA and OMA using Vision Systems Janko Slavic
NDE in Additive Manufacturing using Optical Systems Pawel Malinowski
AI-based Computer Vision Alessandro Sabato
Laser Vibrometry Applications Dario Di Maio
IR Damage Detection in Composites Dario Di Maio
LIDAR techniques in structural dynamics identification David Mascarenas
High Speed DIC/DIC Soft Materials Jayant Sirohi
Digital Twins and Integrated Numerical-Experimental Approaches Javad Baqersad
All other papers in the area of computer vision, image processing, and DIC for dynamic measurement and SHM Javad Baqersad/Janko Slavič


Three Best Papers are recognized with certificates and a monetary award, sponsored by Polytec Inc and Correlated Solutions Inc. If you’d like to be part of the competition, please check the best paper option when you submit the abstract. Please feel free to forward this message to your colleagues. If you have any questions, please contact me at

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