Education Committee


Jeff Helm
Lafayette College


Chuck Van Karsen

Michigan Technological University



Updated April 2014

I. Objectives:

Continue to Market and Grow the Society for Experimental Mechanics in the areas of EM/ET Education and Training. Use EM/ET Publications including journals, proceedings, books, monographs, vendor partnerships and classroom materials to Market SEM. Monitor growth via New Membership, increased Meeting Participation, student conferences, the SEM Student Paper Competition, the ET Education Feature Series, Tutorials, Career Panels and Conference Sessions.


II. Outcomes and Subject Areas (2013):

  • Co-chaired a ½ day Vendor Session with the application committee. The intent is to create a forum for the vendors to share their expertise in both applying and operating equipment that they are showing in the Exhibits Hall and allow for a comprehensive Q&A segment of the session to exchange information. This action will leverage the involvement of the vendors to disseminate information about the latest in commercial applications, and provide a forum to attract new exhibitors to SEM.
  • Supported the Student Paper and Poster Competitions (winning papers are peer reviewed and submitted for publication in ET).
  • Co-sponsor a panel discussion on academic careers for graduate students and junior faculty


III. Subject Areas Planned (2014):

  • Co-chaired a ½ day Vendor Session with the application committee.
  • Election of new officers


IV. Suggested Focus Areas for 2014 and future years:

  • Stay aligned with ET Feature Series and support ET’s Educational Focus.
  • Support for regional, student SEM conferences.
  • How do we convince more members to actively support the educational mission of SEM and the Education Committee?