Dynamic Environments Testing



Chair: Alexandra Karlicek | Massachusetts Institute of Technology Email
Vice-Chair: Dagny Beale | Sandia National Laboratories Email
Secretary: Cora Taylor| Michigan Tech Email




The Dynamic Environments Testing technical division’s charter is to analyze and improve upon laboratory tests that are performed in order to classify products as fit for service in their operational environments. This type of testing is often referred to as endurance, qualification, acceptance, or certification testing. The standards for performing these tests have been largely unchanged for the past 50 years, but research in the field has accelerated significantly in the past decade. The primary aspects of this type of testing include: characterization and specification of the service environment, determination of appropriate laboratory test excitation techniques, and design of a test fixture (adapter) to attach the product to the laboratory test equipment.

2022 Paper Title:  Techniques for Modifying MIMO Random Vibration Specifications
Author(s):  Ryan Schultz, Sandia National Laboratories; Garrett Nelson, Sandia National Laboratories
Presented at:  IMAC-XL, Orlando, FL
2021 Paper Title:  Investigation of Transmission Simulator Based Response Reconstruction Accuracy
Author(s):  Matthew Tuman, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Christopher Schumann, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Matthew Allen, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Washington DeLima, Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies; Eric Dodgen, Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies
Presented at:  IMAC-XXXIX, Virtual