Call for Papers: Model Validation and Uncertainty Quantification

Lights, Camera, IMAC!
Rosen Plaza Hotel, Orlando, FL  |  February 10-13, 2025

June 19


Model Validation and Uncertainty Quantification (MVUQ) is one of the main areas to assess early findings from experimental and computational investigations within Structural Dynamics. Mathematical modeling and numerical simulation predict the behavior of complex structural dynamical systems. These tools powerfully unite theoretical foundations, numerical models, and experimental data, including associated uncertainties and errors. The field of MVUQ research entails the development of methods and metrics to test model prediction accuracy and robustness while considering all relevant sources of uncertainties and errors through systematic comparisons against experimental observations.

As an additional feature, the MVUQ track invites new collaborators to participate in the ongoing round-robin challenge Uncertainty Quantification in Vibration Isolation UQVI. It considers uncertainty quantification modeling an adaptive vibration isolation example with experimental test data. They will report their progress on the model-form uncertainty quantification session in the following IMAC conferences.

The sessions under the Model Validation and Uncertainty Quantification track are, but not limited to:

  • Model form uncertainty and selection incl. round robin challenge
  • Fusion of Test and Analysis
  • Recursive Bayesian System Identification
  • Surrogate Modeling
  • Tutorial about parameter estimation
  • Uncertainty Quantification and Propagation in Structural Dynamics
  • Virtual Sensing & Realtime Monitoring