Call for Papers: Dynamic Environments Testing

Lights, Camera, IMAC!
Rosen Plaza Hotel, Orlando, FL  |  February 10-13, 2025

June 19


The Dynamic Environments Testing Technical Division is looking for papers that capture the spirit of our research pillars-- environment specification, boundary conditions, and testing techniques. We're seeking contributions that provide insights and/or novelty with respect to specifying and characterizing field environments to be replicated in the laboratory, designing test fixtures that provide proper boundary conditions to the device under test, and developing techniques to impart representative loads to the device under test (MDOF, SDOF, IMMAT, etc.). We're interested in how to exercise these fundamental pillars of research across various dynamic environments, including shaker testing, MIMO testing, transient (shock) testing and beyond. Help us advance the future of dynamic testing by sharing your research with our community!

A sampling of sessions under the Dynamic Environments Testing track:

  • BARC Past, Present, and Future
  • Environments Definition
  • Fixture Design
  • Shaker DET
  • Transient DET
(Abstracts are NOT limited to these topics only)