Emmanuel Gdoutos

Academy of Athens, Greece

SEM Awards: S. Nemat-Nasser

Dr. Emmanuel Gdoutos is full member of the Academy of Athens, the most prestigious academic institute in Greece, member of the European Academy of Sciences (EAS), European Academy of Sciences and Arts, Academia Europaea, American Academy of Mechanics, International Academy of Engineering, Foreign member of the Russian, Bulgarian and Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Fellow of ASME, SEM, International Congress on Fracture (ICF), European Structural Integrity Society (ESIS), European Association for Experimental Mechanics (EURASEM), American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Doctorate Honoris Causa of the Democritus University of Thrace (Greece), Russian Academy of Sciences, University of Nis (Serbia) He is Honorary member of IGF (Italy), PSTAM (Poland), SSTAM (Serbia), Literary Society “Parnassos” (Greece), author of more than 300 technical papers in refereed journals and conference proceedings, 16 books and editor of 35 books. He received many awards from international societies, including SEM (Lazan, Tatnall, Zandman, Theocaris), ICF, ESIS, EAS, EURASEM, the Turin Academy of Sciences and EAS. He served as president of SEM (2013-2014), ESIS (2006-2010) and EURASEM (2004-2007). A special issue of the journal Meccanica was dedicated to his honor: “Experimental Solid Mechanics: In Honour of Professor Emmanuel Gdoutos” Vol. 50 (2), pp. 253-590 (2015). Among his books are: “Matrix Theory of Photoelasticity” (with P.S. Theocaris), Springer, 1979, “Fracture Mechanics”, 3rd ed. (accompanied with Solutions Manual), Springer, 2020, used as textbook for fracture mechanics courses worldwide, and “Experimental Mechanics”, Springer 2022. He is chair of the Theocaris Foundation which supports the SEM Theocaris award.


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Last Updated: 04/25/2023