Propulsion Research Engineer (R-74)

Job Description:

The job will involve the continuing development of several projects in association with small teams of researchers. The Air Force would like to investigate things such as: (i) additive manufacturing of solid propellant, (ii) adhesive development and testing for use with energetic fill, and (iii) high strain rate testing of solid propellant. The job will involve researching methods to determine mechanical properties of related materials and the effects of long term aging, short term thermal exposure, and other environmental factors. Routine mechanical property testing, specimen fabrication, and purchasing of equipment and components are also part of the job. Organizing the research, solving technical challenges, and analyzing, interpreting, and writing up the results are all important. We present our work at conferences or in engineering or science journals.

An MS or PhD in an engineering or science field, especially in aerospace, mechanical, or civil engineering, is highly desirable, but very proficient workers with BS degrees will also be considered.



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Air Force Research Laboratory, Edwards Air Force Base, California

This listing will be removed on January 2, 2023.

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