Virtual Conference Details


Virtual XIV International Congress

Annual Conference and Exposition on Experimental and Applied Mechanics
September 14–17, 2020



The SEM XIV International Congress will be held in a virtual format. This format may include live and on-demand lectures and/or presentations, synchronous and asynchronous question and answer sessions facilitated by SEM, discussion and interaction through our app platform and other details that are currently being finalized. As with our typical conference, all authors/presenters will have access to each others submissions.

Virtual attendees will have access to recorded presentations preceeding the conference dates and Q&A periods will be held during the week of September 14-17, 2020. The prestigious Murray Lecture, the Springer/Nature Publishing Young Investigator Lecture and session keynote lectures will also be available.

If you decide not to participate, we hope that you will consider submitting your work to the SEM Annual Conference 2021 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  We welcome extensions of the same work submitted to Annual 2020.


To participate, all presenting author(s) must register and prepare a recording of your presentation(s). At registration, you will need to give SEM permission to post your presentation. SEM will only allow access to anyone who has registered and this will not be available to the general public.

You may choose one of the options below for your presentation.


A. Presentation slides with audio voice-over
B. Video recording presenting your work
C. Combination of A and B


Presentation recordings should adhere to the following guidelines:
  1. .mp4 video format
  2. Time limit on recording
    1. Technical session presentations* limited to 10 minutes 
    2. Session Keynote Lectures limited to 20 minutes
  3. You must provide a link to your video file, by August 15, 2020, to
  4. First slide of the recording must include:
    1. Submission number
    2. Submission title
    3. Author name(s)
    4. Conference title "SEM XIV International Congress"
  5. Filename must be Submission number_First 3 letters of your last name (1234_Pro.mp4)
* Includes participation by all interested exhibitors

For best results, please ensure you speak clearly and have no background noise that could be distracting. For option B., video recordings should show yourself and your presentation so that figures and text are legible when viewed.


Virtual attendees will be able to submit questions to submission authors ahead of scheduled question and answer periods. The technical program schedule will be posted on the app where you may also interact with fellow participants. Scheduled Q&A sessions will be between 20-30 minutes in duration.

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