M. M. Frocht 2018

Mr. Max Mark Frocht was honored for his professional accomplishments by the 1967 initiation of the M.M. Frocht Award. The award recognizes “outstanding achievement as an educator in the field of experimental mechanics,” and is presented annually.

Dr. Frocht’s work on photoelasticity research on stress concentration factors and 3-D techniques and his two-volume treatise on photoelasticity is considered a classic and has been translated into Russian, Spanish, and Chinese. Its publication was credited with revitalizing interest in photoelasticity.

Dr. Frocht was a student of Steven Timoshenko and many of his own students have made important contributions to the field of experimental mechanics. He presented papers and lectures on photoelasticity and experimental stress analysis in all parts of the world.

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2018 Recipient
In recognition of his/her outstanding achievements as an educator in the field of experimental mechanics.

Ghatu Subhash
Professor Ghatu Subhash obtained his MS and PhD degrees from University of California San Diego in 1991 and then conducted post-doctoral research at California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA. He joined Michigan Technological University in 1993 and then moved to University of Florida in 2007. He has received numerous awards for excellence in teaching, research and professional service, including the ‘Significant Contribution Award’ American Nuclear Society Materials Science and Technology Division (2014) ‘Technology Innovator Award’ University of Florida (2014), University of Florida Research Foundation Professor (2013), College of Engineering Teacher/Scholar of the year (2013), ‘Researcher of the Year’ Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, UF (2011); Second Place of the Best paper Awards at the 31st Annual American Ceramic Society meeting (2008); Michigan Tech Distinguished Research Award (2005); ASME Fellow (2004); ASME Student Section Advisor Award (2003); Society of Automotive Engineer (SAE) Ralph R. Teetor Educational Award (2000); American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) Outstanding New Mechanics Educator (1996); Michigan Tech Distinguished Teaching Award (1994). He is an Associate Editor of Mechanics of Materials, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Experimental Mechanics, ASTM Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology and Journal of Dynamic Behavior of Materials. He has graduated 22 PhD students and is currently advising 12 PhD students in various fields related to processing, microstructural characterization and multiaxial behavior of materials including ceramics, metals, foams, composites, gels and brain tissue. He has authored 145 peer reviewed journal papers, 70 conference proceedings, 10 invention disclosures and patents.


Past Recipients
The Society acknowledges the following individuals who were given the M.M. Frocht Award in the past.

2017 - A. Carpinteri
2016 - L. Virgin
2015 - J. Lambros
2014 - W. L. Fourney
2013 - W. C. Crone
2012 - S. Nemat-Nasser
2011 - N. Sottos
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2009 - F.-P. Chiang
2008 - R.J. Pryputniewicz
2007 - M.A. Sutton
2006 - I.M. Daniel
2005 - D. Brown
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2003 - A. Rosakis
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2001 - A. Shukla
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1997 - J. Der Hovanesian
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1995 - A.S. Kobayashi
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1991 - J.F. Doyle
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1989 - T.W. Corby, Jr
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1986 - W.F. Swinson
1985 - K.G. McConnell
1984 - C.P. Burger
1983 - C.W. Smith
1982 - T. Kunio
1981 - V.J. Parks
1980 - C.A. Sciammarella
1979 - E.E. Day
1978 - J.T. Pindera
1977 - W.F. Riley
1976 - J.W. Dally
1975 - D.K. Wright
1974 - R.D. Mindlin
1973 - P. Stein
1972 - E.O. Stitz
1971 - D.C. Drucker
1970 - W.M. Murray
1969 - C.E. Taylor
1968 - M.M. Frocht