D. J. DeMichele Scholarship

Dick DeMichele worked very hard to make the International Modal Analysis Conference (IMAC) accessible to everyone. He understood the importance of the discussion and sharing of new ideas in a conference setting. He felt it was especially important to get students in the experimental mechanics field involved in IMAC.

The purpose of this award is to honor and memorialize the generous spirit of Dick DeMichele by providing financial assistance to students traveling to present papers at an IMAC.

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2019 Recipient
In recognition of his exemplary service and support in promoting the science and educational aspects of modal analysis technology.

Alfredo Fantetti
In July 2017, Alfredo Fantetti was awarded a Double Master’s Degree with honors in Mechanical engineering from the Politecnico di Torino and University of Illinois at Chicago. His thesis investigates the damping effects of strip dampers on the dynamic behavior of turbine bladed disks, and through this research Alfredo developed a valuable understanding of nonlinear structural dynamics.

He is currently a Ph.D. student at Imperial College London, as part of the EXPERTISE European Training Network. This program aims to achieve a fully-validated nonlinear dynamic model of turbomachinery components by bringing together world-leading institutions and companies from across Europe in a multidisciplinary project. Specific training at doctoral level is provided to 15 Early Stage Researchers who work in the field of nonlinear structural dynamics and high-performance computing. Alfredo’s Ph.D. addresses the rating and measurement of parameters to model friction contact interfaces. Recently developed test rigs will be adapted to extract relevant contact parameters and to identify their effect on nonlinear dynamic response predictions.

In the future, Alfredo plans to contribute to the development of fully-validated models of turbomachinery components facilitating the efficient virtual testing of the entire machine.
Past Recipients
The Society acknowledges the following individuals who were given the D.J. DeMichele Scholarship in the past.

2018 - Alfredo Fantetti
2017 - Mathieu Wernsen
2016 - Jason Armand
2015 - Javad Baqersad
2014 - Emiel Barten
2013 - Jean-Philippe Noël
2012 - Siavash Dorvash
2011 - Zhu Mao
2010 - Jan Herrmann
2009 - Aditya C. Gondhalekar
2008 - Dongsheng Li
2007 - H. Sezer Atamturktur
2006 - Francesco Massi, Diego Giraldo, Erik H. Clayton
2005 - Kelly A. Salyards
2004 - Nadine Conza
2003 - Prasenjit Mohanty

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