Dynamic Behavior of Materials


Leslie Lamberson
Drexel University

Steven Mates
National Institute of Standards and Technology

Veronica Eliasson
University of California, San Diego



This track covers a broad range of areas including material properties, structural response, advanced testing method and diagnostics, as well as hybrid experimental/computational methods under a variety of loading conditions from low-speed impacts to blast, penetration, shock response, and other extreme environments. This track will also provide an open platform for discussion of leading edge and interdisciplinary topics related to the dynamic behavior of materials and structures.

The purpose of the Technical Division on Dynamic Behavior of Materials shall be to provide maximum technical benefits to its members by:

  • Providing a forum or exchange of information on the dynamic behavior of materials
  • Planning and coordinating, in cooperation with others, dynamic materials research of the Society
  • Promoting and/or organizing special sessions, symposia, short courses, workshops, or manuals
  • Interacting, assisting and cooperating with other committees, societies, associations or organizations on the topic of dynamic behavior of materials

Recent Activities
The technical division sponsored a technical track, “Dynamic Behavior of Materials” for the 2017 SEM Annual Conference that included 104 papers programmed with 82 scheduled in the track and 8 moved to the Additive/Advanced Manufacturing track. For the upcoming 2018 annual SEM Conference, the TD will continue the “Dynamic Behavior of Materials” track, which covers the following topics:

  • Hybrid Experimental/Computational
  • Shock and Blast
  • Quantitative Visualization
  • Fracture & Fragmentation, Brittle Materials
  • Dynamic Behavior of Geomaterials
  • Dynamic Behavior of Soft Materials
  • Dynamic Behavior of Composites
  • Industrial Applications
  • Dynamic Behavior of Geomaterials
  • Dynamic Behavior of Novel Materials
  • New Novel Testing Techniques
  • Synchrotron Applications/Advanced Imaging
  • Advances in Materials Modeling
The TD discussed future plans/activities at the 2017 Annual Conference in Indianapolis, IN, and elected Steven Mates as the new Secretary. Other items discussed for the 2018 Annual Conference in Greenville, SC included, keynote speaker suggestions, ideas for bridging multiple TDs, and Historical Perspectives considering: (1) the birth and growth of the DBM TD, (2) Hopkinson/Kolsky Bar, (3) DIC in Dynamics, and various other emerging areas.