F. Zandman

In May 1989 the SEM Executive Board formally established the Felix Zandman Award. The award honors Dr. Zandman for his extensive work with photoelastic coatings and his support of SEM. The recipient receives an award plaque. Also, a donation is given in the recipient’s name to the SEM Education Foundation.


The award honors individuals who have made significant contributions to the development of measurements or applications utilizing photoelastic coatings or strain measurement techniques. The selection will be based upon the best paper published by SEM or any other recognized journal which publishes photoelastic coatings or strain measurement techniques papers. Alternatively, a person who may not have published an outstanding paper, but has distinguished him or herself in other ways in the use of photoelastic coatings may also be nominated. The first recipient to be recognized in 1990 was Alex S. Redner.

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2020 Recipient

For positively influencing the future of experimental mechanics by providing the next generation of caring, competent researchers.

Veronica Eliasson
Veronica Eliasson is an Associate Professor in the Structural Engineering Department at University of California San Diego. Prof. Eliasson obtained an MSc Degree in Vehicle Engineering and a PhD in Mechanics from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. Prof. Eliasson’s research interests are multi-disciplinary and range from shock wave dynamics to fracture mechanics — all explored relying on a strong foundation of experimental mechanics coupled with different types of ultra high-speed photography techniques. Prof. Eliasson works hard to promote research experiences for a diverse group of high school students, undergraduate students and graduate students through participation in laboratory experiments.

Past Recipients

The Society acknowledges the following individuals who were given the Zandman Award in the past.
2019 - V. Parameswaran 2000 - L. M. Dejardin
2018 - M. B. Prime 1999 - T.W. Corby, Jr.
2017 - R. Pryputniewicz 1998 - J.L.F. Freire
2016 - P. Ifju 1997 - S.C. Gambrell, Jr.
2015 - W.C. Wang 1996 - R. Slaminko
2014 - R E. Rowlands 1994 - S.C. Gambrell, Jr.
2013 - J. P. Hubner 1993 - J. Stupnecki
2012 - K. Ramesh 1992 - E.W. O’Brien
2011 - E. Gdoutos 1991 - W.E. Nickola
2010 - P. Brailly 1990 - A.S. Redner
2009 - T. Y.-F. Chen  
2008 - M. Taroni  
2007 - B. (Bob) Ziv  
2006 - J. Curtis  
2005 - J. Lesniak  
2004 - E.A. Patterson  
2003 - I.J. Jones  
2001 - N. Plouzennec