Sez Atamturktur

Pennsylvania State University

SEM Awards: Dominick DeMichele Scholarship

Dr. Sez Atamturktur Russcher returned to Clemson University in July 2023 as Associate Vice President for the Charleston Innovation Centers (located at the CURI Campus in Charleston, SC) and Professor of Mechanical Engineering. She provides leadership in academic matters and scientific research portfolio of the CURI campus and is responsible for staffing, budgeting, and maintaining the facilities and campus operations. In addition, she serves as a liaison between Clemson’s Charleston campus and the main campus in Clemson.

Previously, she was the Harry and Arlene Schell Professor and Department Head of Architectural Engineering in the College of Engineering at Pennsylvania State University. As the department head, she served as the chief academic officer of her unit responsible for all matters related to instruction, finance, human-resource, and facilities management. By revitalizing the curriculum and implementing innovative strategies, she led her unit to achieve dramatic increases in student enrollment, engagement and success, notable gains in research productivity, and sharp hikes in philanthropic giving. Prior to joining Penn State, she served at Clemson University as Associate Vice President for Research and Distinguished Professor and founded the Office of Research Development. Previously, Dr. Russcher was at Los Alamos National Laboratory as an LTV technical staff member. Dr. Russcher holds a master’s degree in architectural engineering and a doctorate in civil and environmental engineering from Penn State University.

Focused on uncertainty quantification, experimental calibration and validation of predictive models of engineering systems, Dr. Russcher’s research has received funding from several federal agencies including the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Department of Energy, the Department of the Interior, the Department of Transportation, the Department of Education, as well as industry organizations and corporate partners. Her work has been documented in over 120 peer-reviewed publications in engineering science journals and proceedings. Among her current professional services, is her role as a member of the board of directors for the National Institute for Building Science, a federally charged entity that reports directly to the President of United States. Dr. Russcher also holds lead advisory roles for the United Nation’s High Performance Building initiative, the Vice President of the Society of Experimental Mechanics, and serves as a board member for several academic and research entities worldwide.

Dr. Russcher has a track record of broadening participation in engineering. She has served as the inaugural director of the National Science Foundation-funded ADVANCE project, which focuses on improving the status of women and minority faculty and was the principal investigator and director of the National Science Foundation-funded National Research Traineeship project funding for over 30 doctoral students on scientific computing and data analytics for resilient infrastructure systems. In addition, she has spearheaded federally funded projects on revitalizing undergraduate curricula and on improving transfer student success. In addition, Dr. Russcher was the director of two separate Department of Education-funded Graduate Assistantships in Areas of National Need projects that each provided funding for 10 doctoral students. Dr. Russcher served as one of the four codirectors of Clemson University’s Center of Excellence in Next Generation Computing and Creativity


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Last Updated: 01/02/2024