SEM’s Journal of Dynamic Behavior of Materials Now Has an Impact Factor
Wednesday, August 23, 2023
by: SEM Staff

Section: Journal of Dynamic Behavior of Materials

The latest journal impact factors and rankings are out from Clarivate and JDBM has been assigned a strong inaugural impact factor of 1.7. This assignment reflects the hard work and dedication of both current and former Editors-in-Chief, Jennifer Jordan and Eric Brown, as well as the entire slate of technical editors since the journal’s beginnings.

While everyone shares in this success, we want to take time to thank the devotion and hard work of our editorial board, authors, and reviewers in furthering the study and practice of experimental mechanics through the dissemination of high-quality manuscripts published in the journal.

JDBM is a peer reviewed archival journal on the science and engineering of material and structural response to dynamic loading focused on high strain-rate, impact, blast, penetration, and shock response. The journal publishes experimental, theoretical, modeling and simulation, and interdisciplinary work focused both on advancement of new techniques and application of techniques to new materials and structures.

We welcome you to congratulate all those involved in the journal’s current and future successes.

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We encourage you submit you high quality work in the field to JDBM.

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