IMAC-XXXIX Message from the Organizers
Thursday, December 10, 2020
by: Michael Mains & David Epp

Section: IMAC

Dear IMAC community,
None of us are happy with the circumstances that the COVID-19 global pandemic has given us. We certainly are looking forward to the day when we can meet again in person. Until then, we have difficult decisions and hard work in front of us. We are certainly glad that the researchers and frontline healthcare workers are not giving up and that we as a human race continue to persevere.
What can we do? We believe the healthy thing to do is to participate in the first ever virtual IMAC conference. Will it go as smoothly as we like? Probably not! Will we learn as much as we do at an in-person IMAC? We think that is totally up to us as individuals and as a community. Let’s continue to push forward, research, broaden the knowledge of our structural dynamics field and share what we have learned with our community. SEM and IMAC have meant so much to us over our careers, we have all given much to this community, but we think we can all agree that we have received so much more. Let us all step up to make a virtual IMAC that best it can be and continue to expand the boundaries of what can be done in the field of structural dynamics!
We have incorporated lessons learned to develop a virtual conference format that we think will give everyone the best chance to present their work and encourage the discussions and interactions that we all love about IMAC. Each author will be asked to write a paper as usual, but this year we will also be asking for a prerecorded 10-15 minute presentation and a 1-2 slide overview. The prerecorded videos will be available at least a week or two before the conference begins for everyone to start watching them at their leisure. During the conference proper, we will have live virtual hour long sessions where up to six authors will summarize their work with the 1-2 summary slides and answer questions live from the audience. This session format, along with the interactive features such as live meet ups in the Whova app are all designed to encourage as much collaboration as possible.
We are looking forward to see you all at IMAC XXXIX February 8-11, 2021!
Michael Mains, IMAC Conference Director
David Epp, IMAC Advisory Board Chair
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