Thermomechanics and Infrared Imaging


SEM Thermomechanics and Infrared Imaging Technical Division


The TII-TD sponsors thermomechanics-based topics in the general mechanics track at each SEM annual conference. In some years, larger symposia are organized and a dense network of relationships has been created to consolidate and create new collaborations among researchers from all over the world.

For 2024, the Thermomechanics and Infrared Imaging Technical Division invite you to submit papers to the Thermomechanics and Infrared Imaging track which will include topics such as:

  • Advanced thermographic techniques for SHM
  • Thermomechanics
  • Thermography-based NDE and process monitoring
  • Low-cost thermography applications
  • Industrial applications of thermography/Applied Thermography: Case Studies
  • IR-based techniques to assess fatigue and fracture in AM materials (in collaboration with TD Fatigue & Fracture-AM)
  • Data fusion with thermographic techniques

We invite you also to the course:
Thermal NDE by Prof. Janice Barton and Dr. Geir Olafsson

The sessions 'Advanced thermographic techniques for Structural Health Monitoring' and 'Low-cost thermography applications' are complimentary and follow on from popular and well attended session in 2023. The sessions highlight advances towards online structural integrity monitoring and component residual life estimation, alongside improvements in data processing which enable low-cost and compact sensors. The sessions also cover the application of thermography for structural health monitoring in a broader sense, which is a trend topic for both experimental and theoretical researchers.

The Thermomechanics track within SEM 2024 encourages abstracts with a strong industrial relevance. A specific session was created to showcase industrial case studies (Industrial applications of thermography/Applied Thermography: Case Studies). Further, a session on the fusion of data acquired using different techniques (Data fusion with thermographic techniques) is designed to encourage interdisciplinary work. These two new sessions were created to strengthen the technological transfer of knowledge from university to industry and also to encourage industrial participation in the SEM congress.

In the Thermomechanics and NDE and process monitoring sessions, emerging researchers and pioneers will show recent advances on the topics. The latter is important especially for those interested in product qualification. Finally, for the characterization of new additively manufactured materials, thermography has exciting potential. Stress analysis and rapid fatigue behaviour characterization techniques can be an excellent tool for qualifying the mechanical characteristics of such materials. To this end, a dedicated session, in collaboration with the TD Fatigue & Fracture-AM will be: IR-based techniques to assess fatigue and fracture in AM materials.

During SEM 2024, we are also offering a newly developed course on thermographic non-destructive evaluation (NDE). In our group we have pioneers of thermal methods, and the course will be delivered by Prof. Barton and Dr. Olafsson who together have over 40 years experience in thermography and thermal NDE.