Dynamic Behavior of Materials


SEM Dynamic Behavior of Materials Technical Division


The Dynamic Behavior of Materials track was initiated in 2005 and reflects our efforts to bring together scientists and students interested in the dynamic behavior of materials and structures, to provide a forum to facilitate technical interaction and exchange, and to disseminate leading edge research in dynamic material behavior to the wider experimental mechanics community. We strive to expand our collaborations with other SEM tracks and topics, and to improve diversity and inclusivity in our scientific community because science moves fastest when diverse viewpoints can be brought to bear to solve tough problems.

Soliciting Dynamic Behavior of Materials abstracts for the 2024 SEM Annual Conference. Topics include, but not limited to:

  • Dynamic Behavior of Additively Manufactured Materials
  • Dynamic Behavior of Geomaterials
  • Dynamic Behavior of Low Impedance Materials
  • Shock and Blast
  • Quantitative Visualization of Dynamic Events
  • Inverse Methods in Dynamic Testing
  • Dynamic Fracture and Fragmentation
Proposed sessions include, but are not limited to: Organized by:
Architected Materials Uddin; Kannan
Composites Chris Meyer; Chawla; Drew Hackney
Energetic Materials Kosta; Jamie Kimberly; Fleck
Geomaterials Brett Williams; Vankirk; Guthai
Impact/Penetration Cooper; Trim; Morton
Low Impedance Materials Youssef; Smeets
Magneto/electromechanical Materials Kannan; Loeffler
Novel Techniques Spulak; Trey Leonard
Quantitative Visualization Logan; Lorenzo
Shock/Blast Matos; Wilson
Standardization of Dynamic Testing Matt Shaeffer; Steve Mates