Advancement of Optical Methods in Experimental Mechanics


SEM Optical Methods Technical Division


Recognizing that optical methods are widely used by the Experimental Mechanics community; this track is aiming at encouraging the exchange of ideas and promoting cross-fertilization among various disciplines. The track covers a broad range of optical methods, including interferometric, DIC, DVC, hybrid methods, multiscale optical measurements, computer vision, photonics and micro-optics, photonic Doppler velocimetry as well as associated applications. Additional emerging optical methods as applied to experimental mechanics are also of interest and encouraged. In 2024, and as part of this track, the OMTD is organizing special events that include distinct sessions as well as co-sponsoring a symposium with the objective of honoring pioneers whose contributions are significant to the advancement of optical methods for applications in experimental mechanics.

  General Sessions
Session: Organizers:
Challenges in DIC Ming-Tzer Lin, Phillip Reu
Computer vision and coherent methods Cosme Furlong
General topics in Photoelasticity Krishnamurthi Ramesh
In-Situ Optical Methods Cosme Furlong
Optical methods in Biomechanics Cosme Furlong
Photonic Doppler Velocimetry (PDV) in Experimental Mechanics Phillip Reu; Ren Hong
Optomechanics, Photonics and MicroOptics Mohammad Naraghi; Gordon Shaw; Cosme Furlong

Special Events for 2024

  1. Co-sponsoring Symposium to Celebrate Prof. Cesar Sciammarella’s 100th Anniversary and Accomplishments
    Prof. Caesar Sciammarella, SEM’s a legendary pioneer, has significantly contributed to experimental mechanics areas in general and to optical methods in particular the fringe pattern analysis. His contributions have had ramification to other areas in academia and industry. For details, please contact Prof. Horacio D. Espinosa or Prof. Cosme Furlong. When submitting to this symposium, choose the Track: “Advancement of Optical Methods in Experimental Mechanics” and enter “Cesar Sciammarella” in the “Organizer Name” field.
  2. Session to honor Eddie O’Brien
    Dr. Eddie O’Brien, 2004-2005 SEM President of SEM, passed away in 2023, is sounded for his contribution to applying experimental mechanic methods on aircraft structure evaluations, including all aspects of optical techniques, including photoelasticity, speckle interferometry, Moire, and all the derivative technologies on aircraft structural health monitoring.
  3. Session to Celebrate Prof. Wei-Chung Wang's Retirement
    Prof. Wei-Chung Wang, 2009-2010 SEM President, is well recognized for his contribution to digital photoelasticity, digital speckle pattern interferometry, and optical method on low residual stress evaluation of thin glass and significant contributions to applying Experimental Optic Methods to various industries. The special sessions will celebrate his 70th birthday, and his retirement after 38 years’ service at National Tsing Hua University.