Additive and Advanced Manufacturing


SEM Additive and Advanced Manufacturing Technical Division


Additive and Advanced Manufacturing is an emerging area due to the unprecedented design and manufacturing possibilities offered by new and evolving advanced manufacturing processes and the rich mechanics issues that emerge. Technical interest within the Society spans several other SEM Technical Divisions. The track on the mechanics of additive and advanced manufacturing will cover topics including design, optimization, experiments, computations, and materials for advanced manufacturing processes with particular focus on mechanics aspects (e.g. mechanical properties, residual stress, deformation, failure, rate-dependent mechanical behavior, etc.).

Soliciting Additive and Advanced Manufacturing abstracts for the 2024 SEM Annual Conference.
Topics include, but not limited to:

  • Mechanics of materials made via additive and advanced manufacturing (including dynamic behavior, fracture and fatigue, residual stresses, microstructure)
  • Novel manufacturing approaches for additive and advanced manufacturing (including new processes and repair and standardization of existing structures)
  • Design and process optimization of additive and advanced manufacturing
  • Novel materials for additive and advanced manufacturing (including polymers, composites, biomaterials, recycled materials, and ceramics)
  • Topology optimization of structures processed through advanced or additive manufacturing
  • Functionally graded materials or structures processed through advanced or additive manufacturing
  • Microscale advanced/additive manufacturing with micron-level structures (small scale structures)

Proposed sessions include, but are not limited to:

  • Process-Structure-Property relationships in advanced materials AM Ceramics
  • AM of biopolymers and natural materials
  • AM of elastomer and vitrimers
  • AM of microsystems (MEMS/NEMS)
  • AM of recycled materials
  • AM standardization efforts