10th International Symposium on the Mechanics of Composite and Multifunctional Materials

  • Frank Gardea - US Army Research Laboratory
  • Kunal Mishra - Corning Inc
  • Michael Keller - The University of Tulsa

SEM Composite, Hybrid, and Multifunctional Materials Technical Division


This symposium is focused on advancements in the research, development, analysis, application, and manufacturing of composite, multifunctional, and hybrid materials. The scope includes experimental techniques; materials characterization; manufacturing, assembly, and repair; theoretical and numerical modeling; failure mechanisms and detection; and novel application development for these materials. A primary goal of the symposium is for participants to exchange ideas and promote collaboration to resolve fundamental and application problems. The symposium features the following sessions:

  • Advances in Composites
  • Multifunctional Composites
  • Reconfigurable and Tunable Composites
  • Damage Detection in Composites
  • Integration of Experiments and Simulations
  • Sustainable Composites
  • Fracture and Failure in Complex Materials
  • Additive Manufacturing of Composites
  • Biocomposites