What is SEM?

SEM is the Society for Experimental Mechanics, a professional society formed in 1943 by engineers and scientists involved in the validation of new designs and materials. The ever-increasing pressure to reduce the cost and development cycles has directed the work of these “experimentalists” toward the concept stage, predicting design performance and reliability. The dependence on the “experimentalist” has fostered a renewed interest in experimental analysis and test methods.

SEM continues to support the experimentalist’s work, which is with materials, the forces that affect them, and the responses generated by the combination of the two. We provide various opportunities for the exchange of knowledge in all areas involved with experimental mechanics.

Who should Join SEM?

You should join SEM if you have an interest in these four areas: materials; modeling and analysis; strain measurement; and structural testing. Within these four areas specific topics are covered by SEM Technical Divisions that all SEM members are welcome to join.

What are the membership requirements?

You are eligible for membership if you have an interest in and are willing to support the mission and activities of the society.

How can I get more information?

Visit our Join page or contact us directly:

Society for Experimental Mechanics, Inc.
7 School Street
Bethel, CT 06801-1405 USA
P: (203) 790-6373

How do I register for the conference?

Go to sem.org, login top right if you already have a profile set up (email/password) then hover your cursor over “EVENTS” and select the respective conference and scroll down to Registration. If you do not have a profile set up yet go directly to “EVENTS” and select the respective conference.

What is included with my paid registration?
  • Conference bag, name tag and final program
  • Access to all conference events and exhibit hall*
  • One awards luncheon ticket
  • Downloadable conference papers
What is included with pre-conference courses?
  1. Lunch each day of the course.
  2. Course handout materials.
  3. Refreshment breaks.
Can I register on-site for a pre-conference course/conference?

Yes, but it is best to pre-register, as it offers a significant discount and saves time at the start of registration.

How can I get a Team Discount?
  1. 10% discount allowed for 3-4 registrants.
  2. 15% discount allowed for 5+
  3. Registrants must be from the same organization
  4. Only ONE purchase order may be submitted when applying for a team discount
Can I register and pay with a Purchase Order (PO)?

Yes, registration and Purchase Order (PO) must be received no later than one month prior to the start of the conference. Purchase Orders will not be accepted outside of this time frame.

ALL payments by PO must be paid 15 days prior to the start of the conference.

Purchase Order should be faxed or emailed to Shari Matthews: Fax: 203/790-4472; shari@sem1.com.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

If the course or conference is canceled for any reason, the Society for Experimental Mechanics’ liability is limited to the return of the registration fees. We understand circumstances may arise that require you to cancel. If you need to cancel, your registration, you will be refunded once the cancellation is made in writing and received four weeks prior to the start of the conference, less a $75.00 non-refundable processing fee. No refunds will be given for cancellations received less than four weeks to the conference date. Cancellation notification should be faxed or emailed to Shari Matthews: Fax: 203-790-4472; shari@sem1.com.

Who is eligible for Student Rates?

Full-time graduate/under graduate students (that are not working full-time). Student MUST submit a letter proving full-time status to qualify for student rates. Students should email student proof to Shari Matthews at shari@sem1.com. Note that Post Doctorates are not eligible for student rates.

Can I bring a guest to the conference?

Yes. You may bring a guest to all SEM sponsored functions. If you wish to bring your guest to the Awards Luncheon, you must purchase a guest ticket.

Guests are not allowed to attend technical paper sessions.

Is my guest allowed to attend vendor sponsored events?

Please stop by the hosting company’s booth in the exhibit hall.

How can I get an invitation letter?
  1. Send an email request to Shari Matthews at shari@sem1.com.
  2. Include your FULL name and FULL mailing address in the request.
Can I get a Certificate of Attendance and/or Presentation?

Yes, however, all requests MUST be received no later than 12:00 NOON on the Wednesday of the conference week. After Wednesday you will be put on a list and the certificate will be emailed once Shari returns to the office.

What time is my presentation?

You can locate this information on the IMAC/Annual conference pages, in your final program (included in your welcome bag) or on the smartphone app currently being used.

Is parking included at the conference?

Since this varies from venue to venue, please check with the hotel registration desk.

How do I access the downloadable conference papers?

Instructions will be emailed to those whom register prior to the conference.

How do I make my hotel reservation?

Book via the link on our website or call the hotel directly.

Do not use a 3rd Party Reservation Service/Agent or SEM and the Hotel will not be able to guarantee your reservation.

What files are required to submit with my final paper?

A. Full Proceedings Papers/Extended Abstract to Springer for Publication:
You should create a single zip file or folder containing all files. Name the zip file/folder your assigned paper number.

Checklist (required files to Springer):

Zip file to include:

  1. PDF of completed paper as it is intended to be read
  2. Source Files (text and images separately)
    * required if submitting a full paper or an extended abstract (must be 2-3 pages, no word limit) to Springer for publication
    *not required if submitting PowerPoint materials (PowerPoint materials do not get published with Springer will only be in the downloadable paper proceedings)
  3. Completed Copyright Transfer Agreement
  4. Completed brief biography form


B. Full Proceedings Paper/Extended Abstract not going to Springer for Publication:
You must notify Shari Matthews via email after you upload your files at shari@sem1.com with your paper # and title stating you do not want your paper to go to Springer.

You should create a single zip file or folder containing all files. Name the zip file/folder your assigned paper number.

Checklist (required files to Springer):

Zip file to include:

  1. PDF of completed paper as it is intended to be read
  2. Completed Copyright Transfer Agreement
  3. Completed brief biography form
Does SEM provide templates?

No. The requirements for format are clearly identified in the “Proceedings Paper Preparation Instructions” on each respective conference page.

How do I upload my files?

Please upload your files by logging on to https://sem.org/login/?redirect_to='https://sem.org/user-dashboard/' using the username and password you created to submit your initial abstract.

Can I proof my paper before it is published in Conference Proceedings with Springer?

Yes, after the conference you will receive an email from publisher (Springer/SPI-global). You will have ONE chance to review the proofs and indicate any corrections. Please watch for the email from Springer/SPI-global.

Why is having your badge important?
  1. You cannot attend technical sessions without a White Badge.
  2. You cannot attend SEM/IMAC sponsored receptions without your badge.
  3. You cannot attend vendor sponsored sessions without your badge.
What if I lose my badge?

Come to the conference registration desk and ask the SEM Staff for a replacement badge.

Can I take pictures during Technical Papers?

Pictures and videos of presentations are not allowed; however, this may be possible only if you have received express permission directly from the presenter and the session chair has been made aware that such permission was granted.