SEM Fellow

In 1975, the Honors Committee recommended a bylaws change which would enable a Fellow grade of membership to be established.

The recommendation, which was approved, changed Article IV, Section 3 to read: “A Fellow shall be an individual who has distinguished himself/herself in some field in which the Society has interest, who has been a member of the Society for at least ten consecutive years, and whose contributions to the Society and the technical community have justified this honor. The number and manner of election of Fellows shall be as specified by the Executive Committee.

The Fellows Committee meets at the SEM Annual Conference to elect a slate of nominees for presentation at the following SEM Annual Conference. For more details on the Fellow Grade of Membership, Nomination Requirements, or the schedule followed by the Committee of Fellows, see the links below:

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Fellow Nomination Form

2017 Fellow Awards
Eric Brown
Eric N. Brown is the Division Leader for the Explosive Science and Shock Physics Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory where he oversees the premier research program on energetic materials and dynamic material response in support of National Security. His research has spanned fracture and damage of complex heterogeneous polymers and polymer composites for energetic, reactive, and structural applications including crystalline phase transitions, plasticity, dynamic loading conditions, and self-healing materials. Within SEM he is the founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Dynamic Behavior of Materials, served three terms as an Associate Technical Editor for Experimental Mechanics, served as a Board of Directors as Member-at-Large, was a member the Technical Activities Council, chaired the Research Committee and the Biological Systems and Materials Technical Division, is active in the Dynamic Behavior of Materials Technical Division, is a member of SEMEF, and received the SEM JSA Young Investigator Award. He received a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a MS and PhD in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.

Jon Rogers
Dr. Rogers received his B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Engineering Mechanics from Iowa State University in 1980, 1984 and 1986, respectively. Jon joined Sandia in the fall of 1986 in the Vibration Testing Division. In the test organization, he worked as the test engineer for vibration and shock testing on a number of systems. Jon was the project leader for the VIBRAFUGE development project which placed a 4000 lb force rated shaker on the 29-foot underground centrifuge, and for the Acoustic Test Facility development project. This resulted in the construction of the 16,000 cu. ft., high-level chamber with combined acoustic and vibration test capabilities.

Jon moved to Systems Studies in the fall of 1992. He has worked on a variety of studies including Advanced Manufacturing, the Impact of Technology on the Economy, and many studies involving the weapons program and Underground Facilities. Jon was made a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff in the fall of 2002 and was promoted to manager in the fall of 2003. He is currently the manager of the Strategic Weapons Studies Department which focuses primarily on nuclear and conventional weapons related issues.

Jon has been an active member of the Society for Experimental Mechanics since 1981. He has served many roles for the Society, including: Member of the Executive Board, Chairman of the Technical Program for the Annual Meeting (4 times), President of the Society, Associate Technical Editor of Experimental Techniques, Chairman of the Editorial Council, and Treasurer of the Society.

Daniel Inman
Daniel J. Inman received his Ph.D. from Michigan State University in Mechanical Engineering in 1980 and is Chair of the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Michigan, as well as the C. L. “Kelly” Johnson Collegiate Professor. Since 1980, he has published eight books (on vibration, energy harvesting, control, statics, and dynamics), eight software manuals, 20 book chapters, over 350 journal papers and 600 proceedings papers, given 62 keynote or plenary lectures, graduated 62 Ph.D. students and supervised more than 75 MS degrees. He works in the area of applying smart structures to solve aerospace engineering problems including energy harvesting, structural health monitoring, vibration suppression and morphing aircraft. He is a Fellow of AIAA, ASME, IIAV and AAM.

Fellows List
Members who have been selected for Fellow grade since its inception.

Janice Dulieu-Barton
K. Jane Grande-Allen
Xiaodong Li
Hongbing Lu

Hugh Bruck
Wendy C. Crone
Peter G. Ifju
Ghatu Subhash

Archie A.T. Andonian
Weinong (Wayne) Chen
David J. Ewins
Wolfgang Osten

K.T. Ramesh
John Lambros
David Brown
Fabrice Pierron

E. O’Brien
N. Sottos
D. Rittel

J.L.F. Freire
S. Nemat-Nasser
C. Pappalettere
H.V. Tippur

R.J. Allemang
Y. Morimoto
J. Lu
G. Ravichandran

I. Emri
H.D. Espinosa
A. Rosakis

E.A. Patterson
S.C. “Max” Yen

B. Han
K.P. Chong

M. Tuttle
W.C. Wang

S.K. Foss
E.E. Gdoutos

C.T. Liu
M. Takashi
K.M. Liechti

R. Chona
A. Lagarde

G.L. Cloud
J.F. Doyle
R.J. Pryputniewicz

K. Ravi-Chandar
J. McKelvie
Y.J. Chao

Michael M. Lemcoe
Michael A. Sutton
Thomas W. Corby, Jr.

M. Ramulu
M.Y.Y. Hung
J.F. Kalthoff

T. Kunio
S.P. Wnuk, Jr.
J.B. Ligon

M. Nisida (1996-1999)
R. Prabhakaran

I.M. Allison
G.E. Maddux

A. Shukla
J.L. Turner

J.A. Gilbert
T.C. Huang

W.N. Sharpe, Jr.
S.E. Swartz

J.F. Bell (1988-1995)
K.A. Stetson
J. Der Hovanesian

N.J. Hoff (1987-1997)
M.L. Williams, Jr.
W.G. Knauss
C. Lipson (1987-1990)

K.H. Laermann
R.D. Mindlin (1986-1988)
R. Mark
J.T. Pindera

C.P. Burger
K.G. McConnell
G.R. Irwin (1985-1998)
W.F. Ranson

C.W. Bert
M.E. Fourney
H.F. Brinson

F.P. Chiang
W.L. Fourney
T.D. Dudderar
D.R. Harting (1983-1996)

E.E. Day
R.E. Rowlands
E.I. Riegner
C.A. Sciammarella

I.M. Daniel
V.J. Parks
J. Dorsey
C.E. Work

P.H. Adams
L.J. Weymouth (1980-1983)
R.J. Sanford
W.C. Young

J.W. Dalley
R.H. Homewood
L.S. Srinath
D.J. DeMichele (1979-2000)
S.S. Redner
P.S. Theocaris (1979-1999)

J.W. Dally
A.E. Johnson
E.O. Stitz (1978-1997)
M. Holt (1978-1981)
D.E. Niles
W.F. Swinson

G. Ellis (1977-1997)
C.C. Perry
W. Ramberg (1977-1985)
B.E. Rossi (1977-1986)
J.C. Telinde
A.S. Kobayashi
D. Post
W.F. Riley (1977-2000)
C.W. Smith
D.K. Wright (1977-1991)

F.C. Bailey
S.S. Manson
R.E. Peterson (1976-1982)
P.K. Stein
C.E. Taylor
W.T. Bean
F.J. McCormick (1976-2000)
C.R. Smith (1976-1983)
F.B. Stern (1976-1992)
F. Zandman

D.C. Drucker
M. Hentényi (1975-1984)
J.H. Meier
F.G. Tatnall (1975-1981)
A.J. Durelli (1975-2000)
M.M. Leven (1975-1979)
W.M. Murray (1975-1990)
T.J. Dolan (1975-1996)