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Honors / Awards

Since its organization in 1943, SEM has relied heavily upon volunteer leadership and the professional expertise of its members. In the early 1950s the Executive Board began to explore means to formally recognize worthy individual contributions to the Society. Over the years several awards were established. Prior to 1967 the selection of award recipients was the sole responsibility of the Executive Board. In 1967 an Honors Committee was established to oversee the selection of individuals to receive these honors.


    Nomination Form
      Nomination forms must be received by April 15 of each year to
be considered at the June meeting of the Honors Committee.
    Gary L. Cloud Scholarship

J.W. Dally Young Investigator
    D. J. DeMichele
    D. J. DeMichele Scholarship
    A J. Durelli
    SEM Fellow
    M. M. Frocht
    D. R. Harting
    M. Hetenyl
    Honorary Member
    JSA Young Investigator Lecture
    Wolfgang Knauss Young Investigator Award
    B. J. Lazan
    W. M. Murray Lecture
    S. Nemat-Nasser
    R. E Peterson
    Student Paper Competition
    F. G. Tatnall
    C. E Taylor
    P. S. Theocaris


  Please note that the Honors Committee meets each year at the SEM Annual Conference (generally held the first week in June) to determine award recipients for the following year.  The committee will consider all Nominations received by April 15 of that year.  A nomination received is kept for active consideration for three years.  


An individual who has distinguished himself/herself in some field in which the Society has interest, who has been a member of the Society
for at least ten consecutive years and whose contributions to the Society and the technical community have justified this honor

G. A. Brewer:

An outstanding practicing experimentalist

D. J. DeMichele:

Exemplary service and support of promoting the Science and educational aspects of modal analysis technology.

D. J. DeMichele Scholarship:

Given to a student presenting a paper at IMAC to help with travel expenses.

A. J. Durelli:
Introduction of an innovative approach or method early in career.

M. M. Frocht:
Outstanding achievement as an educator in the field of experimental mechanics.

D. R. Harting:
The Experimental Techniques Outstanding Paper Award.

M. Hetenyi:
Best research paper published in Experimental Mechanics

B. J. Lazan:
Outstanding original technical contributions to experimental mechanics

Honorary Member:
An Honorary Member is an individual of widely recognized eminence in the field of experimental mechanics

Wolfgang Knauss Young Investigator Award

Special achievement award for young investigators

W. M. Murray Medal:
The Society's prestige lecture.

S. Nemat-Nasser:
For distinguished, innovative and outstanding work that has realized the impact of experimental mechanics on other scientific and
engineering fields through an integrated multidisciplinary research.

R. E. Peterson:
Best applications paper published in Experimental Mechanics

Student Paper Competition:
Presentations are judged on the basis of technical content, organization of material, effectiveness of delivery,
adherence to allotted presentation time and response to questions

F. G. Tatnall:
For long and distinguished service to the society

C. E. Taylor:
Technical excellence in optical stress analysis and good citizenship within SEM

P. S. Theocaris:
Distinguished, innovative and outstanding work in experimental mechanics

F. Zandman:
Significant contributions to the development of measurements or the applications utilizing photoelastic coatings




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