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SEM 2010 Fall Conference


October 12-14, 2010
Renaissance Providence Hotel
Providence, Rhode Island USA



Plenary Speakers

The following individuals will give plenary presentations:
Dr. Gerald Nurick, University of Capetown, South Africa
Dr.Stanley C. Woodson, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center, USA
Dr. Ravinder Chona, Air Force Research Laboratories, USA
Dr. William G. Proud, Cavendish Laboratories, Cambridge, UK
Dr. Yapa D.S. Rajapakse, Office of Naval Research, USA

Workshop on Blast Mitigation 

Future Directions in Blast Mitigation Research

October 14, 2010 1:30PM -5PM

An explosion is invariably accompanied by an overpressure that rises steeply to highly elevated levels with respect to the immediate surroundings.  The resulting shock travels supersonically, entrapping air, particles, and other debris, thereby increasing its potential destructiveness.  In this workshop, an in depth discussion will be held to explore future research directions that will provide means of 1) dampening the potency of this overpressure, either at its very source or during its journey to its potential targets 2) equipping the target with physical properties that make it resilient to the blast, or designing protective barriers adjacent to the target, or 3) studying post blast behavior like structural collapse, self healing etc..

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Conference Co-Sponsors

DHS - URI Center of Excellence for Explosives Detection, Mitigation and Response


Corporate Supporters

IMPLAST 2010 is the tenth Symposium in a series of meetings on large deformations. The aim is to provide a forum for scientists, engineers and designers in the universities, scientific laboratories and industry to share their research findings in fundamental and applied aspects of the mechanics of large deformations of metallic, composite and cellular materials and structures at low, medium and high deformation rates. 


Focus Areas for IMPLAST 2010

Blast Loading of Structures
Penetration and Perforation
Theories of Plasticity
Earthquake Loading
Stress Waves and Stress Mitigation in Solids
Constitutive Relations
Applications of the Theory to Structural Problems
Structural Crashworthiness and Failure




Organizing Committee

Prof. Arun Shukla, University of Rhode Island, USA
Prof. Narinder Kumar Gupta, IIT Delhi, INDIA
Dr. Albert Meyers, Ruhr-University Bochum, GERMANY
Prof. Carl-Ernst Rousseau, University of Rhode Island, USA


Scientific Committee

Prof. Y L Bai, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CHINA Dr. Bruce LaMattina, Army Research Office, USA
Dr. Ahmed Benallal, CNRS, FRANCE Prof. Magnus Langseth, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NORWAY
Prof. Balakrishna Bhat, DMRL, INDIA Prof. Puneet Mahajan, IIT Delhi, INDIA
Dr. Ravi Chona, Air Force Research Laboratories, USA Prof. Gerald Nurick, University of Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA
Dr. Bhagavatula Dattaguru, Indian Institute of Science, INDIA Prof. Vikas Prakash, Case Western University, USA
Prof. Otto Bruhns, Ruhr-University Bochum, GERMANY Dr. Yapa D. S. Rajapakse, Office of Naval Research, USA
Prof. Anindya Deb, Indian Institute of Science, INDIA Prof. K. S. Rao, IIT Delhi, INDIA
Prof. Raphael  Grzebieta, University of New South Wales, AUSTRALIA Prof. Hans Reimerdes, Lehrstuhl und Institut f. Leichtbau, GERMANY
Dr. Mary Ellen Hynes, Department of Homeland Security, USA Prof. Victor Shim, National University of Singapore, SINGAPORE
Prof. Kozo Ikegami, Tokyo Denki University, JAPAN Dr. Manjit Singh, Terminal Ballistic Research Laboratory, INDIA
Prof. Norman Jones, University of Liverpool, UK Prof. R Velmurugan, IIT Madras, INDIA
Prof. Kenji Kaneko, Tokyo Science University, JAPAN Prof. Tomasz Wierbicki, MIT, USA
Prof. V. N. Kukudzhanov, Institute for Mechanics, RUSSIA Prof. Tongxi Yu, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HONG KONG



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